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Beyond Fertility

Beyond Fertility

At Grace Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, we also offer help in two important areas in women’s health:

  • Treatment for GSM – symptoms from declining estrogen typically with age, but can also occur after childbirth, or in cancer patients after chemotherapy
  • Diagnosis and treatment for abnormal uterine bleeding

What is GSM?

Symptoms resulting from declining estrogen from aging, a possibility after childbirth or after chemotherapy, such as:

  • shrinkage,
  • dryness,
  • burning,
  • itching or pain in the external and internal parts of the vaginal
  • bladder leaks (urinary stress incontinence)

Approaches for treating GSM at our clinic:

  • Traditional hormone replacement therapy
  • Gynecological laser treatments
    • we have different lasers for different needs
  • Your course of treatment is customized to address your needs.

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

From anovulation to peri-menopause, and beyond.
Diagnostic Approaches

  • On site ultrasound assessment
  • endometrial biopsy if indicated

Course of treatment is customized to address individual needs.