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PCOS Clinic: Research


Some lifestyle factors contribute to infertility as they can affect a woman’s menstrual pattern (related to irregular or no ovulation) and a man’s sperm quantity and quality. Our aim as a holistic fertility centre is to expand on the currently sparse knowledge on the following factors and fertility: nutrition, supplement use, exposure to toxins, exercise, stress, anxiety, and quality of life.

Some of these factors may have an even more pronounced effect in women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal condition that can affect up to 10% of women in the reproductive age. Women with PCOS may present with infrequent or no menstrual cycles leading to infertility, cosmetic changes (acne, increased facial and body hair), weight gain and metabolic changes such as insulin resistance and abnormal lipid patterns.

At Grace Fertility Centre, we have some studies in progress with the following aims:

  • to assess the nutritional intake, physical activity and psychological well-being of women and men with infertility and/or in women with PCOS
  • to clarify how supplement/drug use and exposure to toxins impact both male and female fertility
  • to determine if lifestyle changes such as improvements in diet, increased exercise and stress reduction techniques are effective in restoring ovulation
  • to identify if myo-inositol improves ovulation and insulin resistance in women with PCOS