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PCOS Clinic: Overview

This September (2014), we are launching a new PCOS Clinic. PCOS is a common condition in women in the reproductive age in which irregular cycles, infertility from no ovulation, acne and hirsutism are frequent presentations. Insulin resistance and compensatory hyperinsulinemia (IR/HA) and weight gain are also common associations.

Women with chronic anovulation are at risk of endometrial hyperplasia which if not corrected, can lead to early precancerous changes. Since the inception of Grace Fertility & Reproductive Medicine (“Grace Fertility Centre”) 3 years ago, we have diagnosed several patients with these complications, including early endometrial cancer requiring a total hysterectomy for a 
29-year old referred for infertility investigation.

Dr Anthony Cheung has an established research expertise on this condition and has a large PCOS population in his fertility practice.

Our goals of the PCOS Clinic are to provide:

  • A referral centre for timely diagnosis and management of PCOS, including on-site vaginal ultrasound assessment of the ovaries and endometrium, and endometrial biopsy without delay
  • Ongoing research to understand its pathophysiology and identify better management approaches
  • Support for the PCOS Registry to contribute knowledge for the medical and scientific community