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Donor Insemination

Donor Sperm

Donor sperm are usually obtained by single and lesbian women who desire a pregnancy. Occasionally donor sperm are used as part of the treatment for extreme male factor.

The use of donor sperm is in combination with intrauterine insemination (IUI), but depending on the recipient’s fertility status, may also be combined with ovulation induction or IVF.

There are a number of steps involved which could take two to three months to complete depending on your degree of motivation.

  1. You will need a consultation with a physician for medical, fertility history and further review ..more

Baseline blood test, infectious disease screening, an ultrasound for antral follicle count (AFC) and a hysterosonogram to ensure the uterine lining is normal are usual investigations that form part of the preparation.

You can review potential donor matches on the sperm bank websites but should not order any sperm until the following steps are complete and the clinic is notified

  1. Consultation with a fertility psychology counsellor which is an independent legal requirement for any third party gamete/embryo donation and which must be complete prior to ordering sperm. more

The counselling session is done independently of the fertility centre with a counsellor or your choice. We have a few counsellors we work closely with and they are listed on our website.

The purpose of the session is to review such things as parentage rights, social implications involving the family and the child that the parties may have not thought about or be aware of.

  1. Prior to ordering sperm, consent forms should be reviewed and signed and discussion concerning the number of vials you may need to order…more

Sperm is order from an accredited sperm bank such as

Repromed                                          1-877 317 6079 x 2

Outreach Health Services             1-866 785 4709

  1. Proceed to treatment IUI or IVF-Grace Fertility Centre must be notified prior to ordering sperm to be received at the clinic.