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Mind Body Program

Mind Body Program

Few would disagree that stress and anxiety greatly impede ability to function optimally on a daily basis and when confronting fertility challenges there is no greater source of anguish when facing failed IVF treatments, seeing other pregnant women or just daily struggles with personally feeling inadequate, guilty and just plain sad.


The aim of a mind body program is to get your sense of self and hope back while going through treatments and thereafter.


The approach is to introduce an array of mind body techniques over a period of time and through group sessions and to get a sense of connectedness to others, which is also strengthening.

Mindfullness itself is ‘attending’ in a non judgemental way to our feelings  through body awareness and conciousness of the world around us in any given moment while ridding the mind of mindless often negative or busy self talk often associated with fears and anxiety


As a mandate at the outset of this clinic we have believed in treating the whole person, which entails dealing with the emotional needs as well. In the context of a busy clinic this can sometimes fail and thus having a mind body coach to contact during treatment and progressing through a program such as this we feel will this will be of immense benefit.

Some of the worst experiences in life can also yield new opportunities or insights.

In the words of Napolean Hill

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit”.

Mind Body Program Results

At this centre over the past few years’ some patients who have had one on one sessions with a mind body coach have been observed to have had  dramatic reduction in their anxiety and outlook on treatment outcomes to the point that almost no conscious sedation was needed during subsequent retrievals.

In other centres in North America mind body programs have been found to be very successful in terms of pregnancy outcomes.

The well known work of Dr Alice Domar who established the first Mind Body Program for Fertility in Boston states

“In a large federally funded study, 55% of previously infertile women who met regularly in a Mind Body Infertility program conceived within 6 months after the program, compared to only 20% in a control group that used no mind body techniques”

Indeed, mindfullness based stress reduction (MBSR) has been shown to produce alterations in mental state and electroencephalogram changes that persist beyond the time of active meditation. Magnetic Resonance Imaging studies have also shown measurable cortical structural changes in the brains of those partaking in regular meditation practice (See: Lazar 2005, NeuroReport 2005; Holzel 2011, Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging).


Synonymously while conducting these programs we will be conducting further research on the efficacy of mind body techniques in our own program as it relates to IVF outcomes.

Study coordinator Dylan Cutler UBC PhD student



Ann Marie Wright  is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher and group facilitator who has helped thousands of men and women to gain awareness of the effects thoughts have on their body and how to create new realities with the power of the mind.

Through awareness techniques such as breathing, sound, relaxation, movement, mindfulness, visualization and meditation, Ann Marie has guided her clients into bringing their hearts and minds into alignment. Ann Marie has worked with CEO’s, stay at home moms, a Supreme Court judge, lawyers, artists, authors, doctors, social workers, professors and teachers.

She has created community in Italy, Oregon, and Vancouver with Women’s Circles, Conscious Groups of men and women and personal retreats. Ann Marie’s clients have moved from despair and helplessness to a nurturing inner calm that awakens trust in the natural flow of life. The observable results show up as a more fertile receptivity to new beginnings, a lighter step and a softer, more relaxed outlook on life.

Notice of upcoming programs

Please contact Ann Marie to register or call for more information

Free, introductory experiential mind body workshop-open to all interested

  • Time: To be advised
  • Venue: Grace Fertility Centre, space limited so please register.
  • Facilitator: Ann Marie Wright

Client Testimonials

“I love Ann Marie.  Her ability to help people come alive is amazing!  I was repressed for so many years and held blockages of energy throughout my body, from grief and loss, rules and religion.  She helped me examine my inner-being and how I could better serve the world.  As a college professor, it took some work to get out of my mind and into my body, but once I got there it was like a dam broke.  Energy was flowing.  My intuition was on fire.  My sensual self was finally aligned across my chakras.  And, my sadness over my infertility transformed into a new way to birth ideas and nurture my calling.  I made a conscious choice to release stress, get more connected to myself, and tap into my creative energy.  Ann Marie helped me remove the barriers that were keeping me from being my true, authentic self.  While I ended up not having a children, I am deeply grateful that she helped me connect with my fertile energy to bring new life to humanity.  Her lessons not only serve me, they serve the world.”

– Kim Smith, Ph.D., Portland, Oregon

“Ann Marie’s commitment to help us all live in the present, aware of but not attached to our evaluations, is truly remarkable. She believes that so much more is possible when we get out of our heads and into our bodies. Although this sounds straightforward, for most of us it’s not easy. We love being in our heads. It’s safer there. But Ann Marie’s warm demeanour, beautiful Scottish accent, and strength of character helps us let go, trust, and change our ways. I can speak from personal experience that I would not have the loving partner and secure, adorable son that I have were it not for her wisdoms.”

– S, BC

“I have to say that Ann Marie is an angel on this earth.  When you are in her presence she exudes so much kindness and love from her heart! She is a true healer and she has been helping me change the way I feel about myself so that I can continue my life feeling more positive and actually feeling as though I have a purpose here on earth.

My life’s journey before meeting with Ann Marie had been consumed with many negative and dark feelings about my sense of self. You see, I had never learned how to love myself as most people do from childhood.  Ann Marie is teaching me how to love and nurture myself not only physically but more importantly spiritually.

I have learned that my very sensitive nature is a gift, not a shameful way of being. She has taught me that each day is a new ‘mystery’ and that we are all connected to each other.  I am slowly learning with Ann Marie’s loving guidance to focus my mind to the circuitry that brings me peace. 

I am learning to focus on my thoughts that are only serving me love in this very moment.  This is allowing me to slowly open up to life and not hide away in fear. This involves an effort to create the space and feed my soul regularly…
 It doesn’t matter what struggles you harbor because Ann Marie is able to sense your pain and allow you to gently understand that without the struggle we would not be able to appreciate the goodness that comes into our life.

I would highly recommend Ann Marie as she is helping me to finally feel that I am already ‘enough’!

  • Lois

I started working with Ann Marie Wright two years ago and have never turned back.  Ann Marie helped to turn my life around through the teaching of her tools of living in the present moment, not fretting about past, and letting go of worry for the future.  Through many tools such as meditations, deep breathing and mindfulness I have learned to release stress and anxiety and for the first time ever enhance the quality of my life through extreme life circumstances.

Through these coping tools my own outlook and attitude towards these painful and challenging life situations have changed.  I am now much better able to soar through difficult situations and the outcomes of these situations has been more positive and successful. My ability to experience joy and happiness was not possible before I started working with Ann Marie and I fully encourage others who are struggling through their lives to explore these new ways of life giving skills.”

– LM

6 week programs are booking for 2017-2018

If you are interested in finding out more about these sessions or programs, please Ann Marie Wright 604 518-4860

For interest in the research program on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and fertility please contact Dylan Cutler email (research@fertilitywithgrace.com).