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Mindfulness and meditation are effective ways in dealing with stress and coping with challenging life events

As part of the original mandate of Grace Fertility Centre to create an integrated approach to infertility, we are launching our Mind Body Program. Mind-body connection is not a new concept, but it will the first for such a program in BC. How can we reduce stresses related to day-to-day living?  What about the psychological impact of infertility and stress on pregnancy outcomes? How can we achieve balance and serenity faced with daily adversities and distractions? These questions and more we will explore in our new Mindfulness Program. We are fortunate to have a mind-body facilitator in Ann Marie Wright who has over 20 years’ experience with mind-body work, helping many people in different walks of life to reduce stress and understand the power of living in the present.

We look forward to your joining us! 

Dr. Anthony Cheung


We are pleased to present “Introduction to Mindfulness” – a four part series, being presented on May 7, May 14, May 21 and May 28 at Grace Fertility Centre.
Each session will be led by world renowned mind-body coach Ann Marie Wright.
Join us for this special introductory mindfulness course.
Cost: $80
Register by email: info@fertilitywithgrace.com