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Infertility is not just a female problem. A third to a half of couples presenting with infertility will have a male infertility component.

Infertility is not just a female problem. There is a misconception regarding this issue. A third to a half of couples presenting with infertility will have a male infertility component. Male fertility declines with age, not as precipitously as with females but nevertheless there are qualitative and quantitative changes with age and exposure to environmental agents. There are reports of increased risks of autism with older age fathers to name one example.

With egg freezing or rather vitrification now becoming widely available the trend of delayed child bearing for females may even be extended, potentially exposing more of a male factor component as couples delay to their late 30’s and throughout their 40’s.

Causes of Male infertility:
Congenital- Klinefelters-males with an extra X chromosome (XXY) who appear normal in every respect, except may have reduced or absent sperm counts. Detected by karyotyping
Hypothalamic- hypogonadism
Cystic Fibrosis
Illness-  Diabetes

Street Drugs
Steroid use particularly testosterone for well being and body building. Testosterone  reduces sperm count in some cases drastically and may cause permanent adverse changes in testes

Medication – antihypertensives ( can also be contributory to erectile dysfunction)

Cancer and related treatment

Sexually Transmitted Diseases ( STDs)

Grace Fertility Centre offers
• the most comprehensive Sperm Functional Assessment possible which includes hyperactivation analysis by Computerized Assisted Sperm Assessment. IF a sperm cannot activate they can’t fertilize the egg. Therefore even doing IVF will not be successful. In these cases ICSI is required.
• DNA fragmentation-Following fertilization failure of the embryo to progress through stages of division can be hampered by a degree of sperm DNA fragmentation which the egg has a limited capacity to repair but it also can exhaust its reserves. If the DNA fragmentation is positive, the man can be investigated to exclude infection, referral to a urologist and or a trial of antioxidants


ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) is the mainstay of severe male factor infertility enabling selection of single mobile sperm in cases of compromised numbers or quality
TESA (Tansepidermal sperm aspiration)  in cases of inability to produce
** reference Tesa (We are extremely pleased that ALL cases done at Grace with subspecialist Dr. Victor Chow have resulted in a pregnancy and live birth)
Fertility preservation for cancer, pretreatment by sperm cryopreservation

For further explanation of male infertility view Dr. Cheung’s education videoclip here:  http://www.healthchoicesfirst.com/videos/what-factors-influence-male-fertility