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Optimistic at Age 42

My story begins about a year and a half ago when I was monitoring my menstrual cycle, hoping to start trying to conceive. I monitored for a few months using an ovulation kit, but didn’t see any “peak” period. I spoke with my nurse practitioner about the issue, and given my age (41) she referred me to Dr Cheung at Grace Fertility. I met with Dr Cheung and shared with him that 10 years ago I didn't have a menstrual cycle for a year. I recall consulting with an endocrinologist at that time...
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Optimistic at 42 Part 2

And so my story continues. In September 2014, we went ahead and transferred all three frozen embryos. While Dr. Cheung was a little hesitant at first (due to the ethics involved in multiple embryo transfers and potential multiple births), he was ultimately supportive because 1) I was 42 years old, 2) this was my third IVF cycle, and 3) I had already transferred 9 embryos, with no sustained healthy pregnancy. This time I felt ever so slightly different. I’m finding i...
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Dismissed as Perimenopausal

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for six months when I went to my G.P. for help. My doctor told me that, at forty, I was likely perimenopausal, and sent me away without a referral or further investigation.  After having persisted with other doctors, I was told that I might have a chance at motherhood if I were to consider ovum donation.  Since that was not possible for me, I considered that to be the end of my road, so far as conventional medicine was concerned.  It seemed I.V...
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Custom Protocol

Dr Cheung and his staff at Grace Fertility Clinic were able to help me achieve something I had been told was not possible. I got pregnant and had a healthy baby boy. I cannot say enough about Dr Cheung and his team. Their staff were like family and always so kind and thoughtful when I stopped by for my appointments. Personally speaking, going through something like fertility treatment was very emotional with its ups and downs. Working with people who made me feel comfortable made all the diff...
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