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Dietary interventions and supplementation that support mitochondrial function may have a positive impact on pregnancy outcomes for older women that have been diagnosed with either low ovarian reserve, high FSH or been told they are poor responders.
Real-time monitoring is not indispensable for a successful routine ART program. Its potential benefits are not supported with convincing evidence based on currently available data. Risks related to its application should be seriously considered and eliminated. However, it is a very useful research tool.
Several studies have shown that zinc supplementation may improve sperm counts and motility, especially when used in combination with folic acid.
It is no secret that diet has the ability to be both harmful and helpful when it comes to health. So which foods are most important for future fathers to avoid?
Dr Anthony Cheung comments on the recent Atlantic magazine infertility article - "How long can you wait to have a baby?"
Is delaying childbearing to the early 30's the new norm? Dr Anthony Cheung responds to recently released data from Statistics Canada
Dr Cheung comments on the Maclean's magazine article "Thirty Seven and Counting - The harsh reality of women’s fertility decline"
Dr Anthony Cheung, a specialist in IVF Fertility and Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) was recently featured in the Sing Tao newspaper
Understanding Your Fertility. Join us for a free information talk about the myths and misinformation around fertility topics.
A new series of videos featuring Dr Anthony Cheung and Dr Alana Shaw covering a number of key fertility topics

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